Website Privacy Tune-Up

Everything you need to stay compliant, build trust, and secure your website. 

Our Process

Think of our Website Privacy Tune-Up like a comprehensive health check for your website.

First, we’ll audit your site to spot all active tags, such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel, and see what they’re collecting.

Next, we’ll set up Google Tag Manager to make sure these tags only track data when visitors give consent.

We’ll then use a branded consent management system to control compliance – a cookie consent banner.

Plus, through our privacy partner, Termly, we’ll craft up-to-date privacy and cookie policies for you. And don’t worry, we’ll revisit annually to ensure everything’s in tip-top shape.

All this value is packed into an exclusive yearly investment of just £230 excl. VAT.

What's included?

Website Privacy Tune-Up overview

All these crucial services are bundled into one annual rate. Safeguard your business, build trust, and ensure you’re compliant.

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Got questions? We've got answers

Why is website privacy so important for my business?

Website privacy is essential because it builds trust with your visitors. With growing awareness about data protection, users prefer sites that prioritise their privacy. Additionally, non-compliant websites risk facing legal repercussions and potential fines. Our Tune-Up ensures you’re both trusted by users and compliant with regulations.

What if I introduce new tools or plugins to my website after the Tune-Up?

If you introduce new tools or plugins that collect user data, it's crucial to update your privacy settings. You can either reach out to us for guidance or, if it's around the time for your annual review, we'll ensure these additions are incorporated and compliant.

I already have a cookie banner. How is your consent management system different?

Our consent management system is not just about displaying a cookie banner; it's about effective and compliant management. We offer an industry standard, branded solution that integrates seamlessly with your site, ensuring that tracking only occurs post-consent. Plus, with our system, you stay updated with any privacy regulation changes.

Who is the privacy partner you mentioned, and why are they involved?

Our privacy partner, Termly, is a specialised service with expertise in online data protection and regulation. They assist in crafting transparent and compliant privacy and cookie policies, ensuring that your website meets the latest legal standards in data protection.

Do you need access to my website?

To facilitate our Website Privacy Tune-Up, we'll need to integrate Google Tag Manager into your site. This involves adding a snippet of code. If you're using a website builder, it's typically a straightforward copy-paste action into the designated section. You have two options: grant us temporary access to handle it seamlessly for you or, if you'd prefer, we can guide you step-by-step on how to do it yourself.

What happens during the annual review?

Our annual review is a comprehensive check-up to ensure your website remains in line with the latest privacy standards and regulations. We'll examine any changes in your site's structure, plugins, or tools, and assess them against evolving privacy requirements. While we handle the bulk of the review, there may be times we'll need a bit of information or feedback from you. However, our goal is to keep this process as seamless and hands-off for you as possible.

How long does the entire Website Privacy Tune-Up process take?

The initial audit and setup typically take between 2-3 days, depending on your website's complexity. After this, we'll be in touch for annual reviews, ensuring your site remains at the front of web privacy practices.

Are there any additional or hidden costs beyond the £230 annual fee?

No, our £230 excl. VAT annual fee is all-inclusive, covering the audit, setup, consent management system, policy creation, and yearly reviews. We believe in transparent pricing, so you won't encounter unexpected charges. You can cancel up to 30 days before your renewal.

Ready to get started?

We’ll quickly review your website, and if everything looks good we’ll send you a proposal.

*Disclaimer: While we strive to keep you updated on the latest changes and best practices in website privacy, please note that the ultimate responsibility for your website’s compliance rests with you, the website owner. We’re here to guide and assist, but always seek appropriate legal advice where necessary.